August President’s Message

Dear Fellow Lions:

July has come and gone and we are off and running on the new Lions Year.

At our meeting on August 4th our speaker will be Henry Mallett, a VIP who attened Camp Dogwood in June. He is a retired Marine and will have a wonderful story about his experince your club provided him.

The first big project we have begun is our annual Lions Birthday Calendar Sale. This has not only been a great fundraiser for us in the past, but a long standing tradition of our club, so let’s put forth our best efforts and really get out and collect the renewals and also sell new customers so that we can make this fundraiser very successful again. List your families first, then sell your friends and neighbors. Calendars make excellent Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for you family members.

Thanks to all of you for taking on committe assignments. Some assignments may be new to you, but I’m sure you will step up to the plate, learn and grow in your new assignments. Remember, do not be afraid to ask. There is a wealth of experince in the club from which you can learn.

The club has learned ANY volunteer work a Lion member does for a visually impaired person counts as community service If you accompany a person to an eye doctor exam, visit a retirement home or do anything to help a person, this counts in the DG points contest. Please let Lion Secretary Jim know if you have spent time in doing this service.

We just recieved a large quantify of brooms and flags (US and NC), so if you know anyone that needs either, please see Lion Charles Ivey for a demonstration. We need to sell brooms and flags. These are both ‘soft projects.’

Melvin Jones, the man whose personal code was — “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else” — became a guiding principle for public-spirited people the world over.

I hope to see you in the den August 4th.




Lumberton Lions has gained another new member to serve — Lion Mitchell Lassiter.  Lion Mitchell is retired CP&L/Duke Power.  He and his wife Gail make their home on Havelock Place.  They have two grown children and six grandchildren.  Lion Mitchell hit the ground running, having already helped in SPOT screenings.



Lion Jim Kirkland will distribute calendar worksheets during July.  Please use last year’s print outs as a guide to renew your sales for this year.  Get as much information as you possibly can when you sell your calendars.  The more information you obtain this year will benefit you next year.  Complete addresses and telephone numbers are a must.


Lion Brooks will be arranging for those who are listed on the calendar to receive a cone of Dairy Queen Ice Cream and get a movie pass to the Town & Country Four Theater on their birthday.

This is one of the easiest projects we have as a club.  Please let’s all get behind this project.  Now that the information is stored in a computer data base, it is easier than ever.  SELL,  SELL,  SELL.


SPOT Vision Screenings for April and May were very productive.  In April and May, 8 schools and 2 church groups were screened.  1,630 persons were screened — 144 persons were referred to an eye care professional.

In all, 153 Lions hours of service were given in April and May.

For Lions Year 2015-2106 your club has screened 2,578 persons in Robeson County. There were 321 referred to an eye care professional.  This is represented by a screenings at Robeson Community College 3 church groups, 2 charter schools and 10 elementary schools of Robeson County.

Hats off to those who gave of their time to serve our community

Club Installs Three New Members


Three new Lions will be installed on April 7th.  Wade Hall, George Lawson and Oryan Lowry will be our newest Lions members.  Welcome them into the den!!!

Lion Wade Hall is sponsored by Lion David Cox and is pastor at Center Baptist Church in Bladenboro. He and wife Melissa make their home in Bladenboro.

Lion George Lawson is sponsored by Lion Mitchell Taylor.  He is a retired life long grocer.  He and wife Betty make their home in Lumberton.

Lion Oryan Lowry is sponsored by Lion Jimmy Martin. He is Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Nettoc Medical Group.  He and his wife Rebekah make their home in Pembroke.  They have 1 2/3 children.

LIONS collect used eyewear

The collection of eyeglasses is an ongoing year round program involving Lions Clubs throughout North Carolina. The program seeks metal frames in any condition and complete useable plastic frame glasses. It also includes precious metal scrap such as old watches and jewelry. Metal frame glasses and scrap metal are sold to a refinery with the proceeds being used to held fund the needs of the visually impaired. Reusable plastic frame glasses are sent to a Lions International recycling center where they are cleaned, tested, classified and sent abroad to medical missions and welfare agencies for redistribution. Collection is done at City Drycleaners and all optical shops in Lumberton.