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19th Annual Lions Charity Dinner April 7th

Saturday, April 7th is the date we all need to set aside for the nineteenth annual Lions Club Charities Dinner. As you remember, this project gives us the profit to be able to spend for our blind and visually handicapped work. Some of the funds will go into the Brighter Visions Drive, plus many of our other local organizations we support.

All 200 tickets will be assigned to all members.

April 7th was chosen because as far as we can tell from our various sources, this is a free weekend, with no conflicts in the future.

As in the past, the tickets are 1 for 50 dollars or 2 for 100 dollars. The prize package will be 2,100 dollars in prize money.

Our club has only two major fundraising projects. The Charity Dinner is the best producer of profits for the year.

For Tickets, See any Lions Club member. Or call Lion Sammy Cox at 910-738-5704



Our next big project is the Charities Dinner/Raffle on April 7th. We each one need to sell, sell tickets. The profits goes a long way in what we do to support the blind and visually handicapped. We each one need to help prepare the way. We have only two major fundraisers for our club, with the Charity Dinner by far the most important and most productive.

See the story in your bulletin about the charities dinner/raffle project. The event will be our major fund raiser for this Lion’s year. If each Lion sells just ten tickets, we will have a sold out event this year and our profits will be in excess of $8,500. This is a lot of help for our blind and visually handicapped friends and other local charities we support.

Welcome to our newest Lions Member, Derek Jackson. Lion Derek presently makes his home in St. Pauls, but will be building new home here in Lumberton very soon. Lion Derek and wife Suzanne have a 7 year old son — Tanner. Welcome Lion Derek. Lion Derek’s sponsor is Lion David Cox.

We have two SPOT Screenings scheduled for February. We will need a little extra help. In January several SPOT Screenings were canceled because of the inclement weather. Thanks to Lions David and George, these may be rescheduled this Spring. Because of the cancellations, the number of screenings is down. In the March newsletter hopefully we will be able to publish the SPOT Screening results for Lions Year 2017-2018.

Lions Sammy Cox, George Lawson any myself were on hand at the District 31N Midwinter Convention to elect Lion David Cox to become 1st VDG for Lions year 2018-2019. I had the privilege of seconding the nomination of Lion David made by his father, Lion Sammy.

Stay tuned for information coming your way on the LIONS Legacy Project in the placement of the five LIONS Park Benches for the City of Lumberton Recreation Department.

We have only five more months in this Lions year. We really need to work on our unfinished projects. Attendance from every Lion is crucial to our success.


Yours in Lionism,


Vision Screening Results for 2016-17 School Year!

During the 2016-17 school year in Robeson County, the Lumberton Lions Club SPOT Vision Screening team conducted 22 vision screenings in various schools in Robeson county — 14 were in the Public Schools System.  There were two thousand six hundred eight seven (2,687) persons screened.  Of these, over three hundred (304) were referred to an eye care specialist.  Screening concentration was on Kindergarten and Second Grade Students.


He or she has achieved success who have lived well, laughed often and loved much; who have gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled their niche and accomplished their task; who has left the world better than they found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem or a rescued soul; who has never lacked the appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to express it; who has always looked for the best in others and given the best they have; whose life was an inspiration whose memory a benediction.

This Is A Lion!

LIONS collect used eyewear

The collection of eyeglasses is an ongoing year round program involving Lions Clubs throughout North Carolina. The program seeks metal frames in any condition and complete useable plastic frame glasses. It also includes precious metal scrap such as old watches and jewelry. Metal frame glasses and scrap metal are sold to a refinery with the proceeds being used to held fund the needs of the visually impaired. Reusable plastic frame glasses are sent to a Lions International recycling center where they are cleaned, tested, classified and sent abroad to medical missions and welfare agencies for redistribution. Collection is done at City Drycleaners and all optical shops in Lumberton.